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About Us

Korotash Electric Ltd. was founded in 1954 by Pete and Mary Korotash. Pete was trained as an electrician at the Lynn Lake mine. He routinely worked with high voltage and equipment over 750V. Pete and Mary moved to Oak Brae, Manitoba in 1954 and started Korotash Electric. At the time, Manitoba Hydro was first establishing power in the rural areas. Everyone in the district remembered Pete as the person who first brought them electric lights and power. In 1988, Perry and Glenda Korotash became owners of Korotash Electric Ltd. Pete continued to work with Perry for several years before he retired. Perry received his journeyperson license at Red River College while working for Robin Electric in Winnipeg. While in Winnipeg, Perry worked on various projects such as the Pine Falls Hospital, Ile des Chênes school, CFB Portage and Winnipeg Shell gas stations. Glenda ran the office and took care of all things accounting and IT. She also worked alongside Perry on-the-job for 7 years, all while raising three children.

In 2023, Korotash Electric Ltd. became a third-generation business when Glenda & Perry’s son Shayne and his wife/business partner Brittany became the new owners. Shayne was signed on as an apprentice at 16 years old through the Senior Years Apprenticeship Program. During summer break and whenever he wasn’t in school, Shayne was working for his parents’ company. He started working full time for the company in the spring of 2005, and received his journeyperson license from Red River College in 2009. He is especially proud of his first opportunity to manage a job solo: Parkland Source for Sports in Dauphin, which was completed in 10 weeks.

Brittany grew up in Winnipegosis, has a Masters degree in Science and over 4 years’ experience in the local watershed management program. She brings some experience with financial administration and budget planning, environmental engineering, data management, and has worked/collaborated with both the provincial and federal government. Shayne & Brittany also have 4 children that keep them on their toes – two sets of twins only two years apart!

Since 1954, we are grateful to be able to offer our customers such a wide variety of products and services. Whether it’s LED lights, backup power generators, renewable energy, or EV chargers. The future looks bright!