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Standby Generators

Factory trained Technicians Automatic standby generators ◉ ready transfer switches.

Generac Automatic Standby Generator

A permanently installed Generac generator will power your entire house, yard, shop or commercial building. The Guardian series ranges in size from 7.5 kw – 26 kw. The Protector series ranges in size from 22kw – 150 kw. With so many sizes to choose from, there is truly a Generac to fit everyone’s needs.

How is the Generac fuelled?

It simply connects to the existing natural gas piping in your house. If you live in an area that doesn’t have natural gas, with the flip of a switch the Generac generator has the capability to run on liquified propane (LP). Korotash Electric Ltd. will properly size and install a LP tank to run your Generac. With natural gas and LP, you never have to worry about bad fuel in your tank like you would with gas or diesel. So, you can rest assured that your Generac generator will be ready when you need it!

How does the Generac connect to my Home or Business?

The Generac generator connects directly to your existing electrical system by an automatic transfer switch. As soon as your power goes out, the Generac will start up. Do a quick warm up cycle and switch the connection from utility to your Generac. Powering your entire home including the furnace, sump pump, fridge and freezer. The system is completely automatic no need to get out of bed when the power goes out in the middle of the night. Even when you are away from home your Generac will be ready and it can keep you notified with WIFI capability.

Warranty and Maintenance

Korotash Electric Ltd. has the knowledge and expertise to look after the installation of your generator from start to finish. We have years of experience installing and servicing Generac’s and we stock a full range of parts to keep you powered 24/7.

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Manual Generator transfer switches and Essential Load Panels

A manual generator transfer switch or essential load panel allows you to connect a portable generator directly to your electrical system. Manual transfer switches come in many different sizes ranging from 30-amp, 60-amp to 400-amp and larger depending on your emergency power needs.

How does it get installed?

A generator transfer switch or essential load panel gets installed into your existing electrical system to power your home, yard or commercial site. This is completed within Manitoba Hydro’s requirements to ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical system.

How do I connect my Generator?

Korotash Electric Ltd. will install your generator transfer switch or essential load panel so you can safely connect to a generator. We will supply you with flexible portable cords that allow you to have power when you need it most!



The Generlink mounts directly behind the utility meter and allows a portable generator to power your entire home.

How does it get installed?

The Generlink is installed behind your utility meter in just minutes, without the need to rewire or add a sub panel. The Generlink comes in 2 sizes 30 amp-8500 watt or 40 amp-10000 watts.

How do I connect the Generlink to my generator?

The Generlink comes with a factory cord that connects the Generlink to your portable generator. When the power goes out simply plug the Generlink cord into the generator and you have power to your entire home. Generlink has a built-in automatic transfer switch that allows generator power into your home without back feeding the utility grid. Generlink is a safe and convenient way to power your entire home in minutes!

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